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Yoga Practice

**Notice upon booking online that if you do not make a payment for your booking online, we reserve the right to render and/or offer your time slot to services paid by another client.  This is due to an extreme amount of online booking that clients do not show up and we lose our time for other clients who are genuine about our booking and services provided.  Thank you.

***If the there is a time slot that is not offered online, please give us the call as we may have an opening available at your convenience. 

****Late Policy - It is wise to arrive at least 5/10 minutes early for your appointment for us to better serve you.  We understand that life obstacles occur and we try to accommodate as well as we possibly can.  We reserve the right to cancel any late clients who are 15 minutes or more late for their appointment unless there has been confirmation prior to the tardiness.  If you arrive within the 15 minute allotted time frame we will try our best to give you your full time booked (half hour/1-hour/90 min) albeit if we are booked you will only be able to receive your original time slot and full payment is still due.


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